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A 28cm x 19cm plastic sample box containing eighteen samples of various coloured quartz aggregate colours to show the variation of colours and tones of some of our most popular pigmented sands.


Products in the box are:


  • Cobalt Blue 2-3mm
  • Black 2-3mm
  • Moss Green 2-3mm
  • Seagull 2-4mm
  • Carmine Red Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Sunflower 2-4mm
  • Light Grey 2-4mm
  • Carmine Red 2-5mm
  • Mid Grey 2-3mm
  • Beige Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Light Grey Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Cobalt Blue Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Sunflower Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Dark Grey Blend 0.7-1.2mm
  • Moss Green 0.7-1.2mm
  • Yellow Spar 2-3mm
  • Turquoise 2-4mm
  • Mid Grey Blend 0.7-1.2mm


These samples are just to show a few of the most popular aggregates from our PolyBound range, but if you don’t see what you want,  please call and we will advise on what is available.


The price of the sample boxes is £15 inc p&p and sent by courier on the next working day from the order. They generally take 2-3 days to deliver.


We also ship the coloured quartz sample boxes internationally. Contact us through our online form or by phone on +44 1629 630500.


We only supply the aggregate and we only recommend the use of UV stable resin for any resin bound application.

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