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Most homebuyers would need financing to initiate or complete the purchase of their homes. We provide:

  • Access to conventional and tailored mortgage products provided by Listed Lenders for homebuyers.
  • Tools to aid homebuyers in assessing their financing options.

Home Financing Options

Homebuyers have a variety of home financing options, which vary depending on the listed home being acquired. Financing options for each listed home can be viewed in the property details of each home. The following are the broad products/options available.

Conventional Mortgage

Traditional borrowing from a Mortgage Lending institution to fund the acquisition of a completed home.

Construction Finance

Consumer Home Construction Loan for Off Plan purchase of housing units for development.

Self Financing

Homebuyers pay for their home with equity in full or in instalments.


Homebuyers are encouraged to use our tools as a practical step towards assessing their borrowing potential or securing financing for their home.

Affordability Calculator

Learn what price range of homes you can afford.

Mortgage Calculator

Find out the cost of borrowing to buy a home.


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  • Mortgage Calculator