What is HEZID?

HEZID is an intelligent system for access control and work time attendance. The system is centralized, hierarchical and scalable, and it is suitable for both small offices and large organizations with offices worldwide.


We won’t offer just a product, we will give you your own, tailored solution.


Fits to every office and facility and integrates with your existing security systems and BMS.


Easy to configure, manage and maintain from a centralized point of contact.


Intelligent, centralized, hierarchical and scalable system. Control the entry of employees at certain sites and premises.

IMiS TERMINAL is created for control and manage the working time, other possible applications are such as booking terminal, multifactorial identification.The Terminal IMiS provides two-way communication with the system HEZID. The architecthure is a modular, and can be easily set according to customer needs. Possible applications are Multifactorial identification, Report on working time and define a variety of events such meetings, business trips, beginning and end of the working day, etc. Booking terminal of different typesof services.

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Time and Attendance Management

Manages access control and working time, allowing employee reporting to be taken into account.

The Time Attendance system recognises and manages the exact presence of employees. HEZID can control the entry of certain persons in certain objects and sites. There is an option for integration and recognition of random scenarios, work schedules, flexible working hours and floating shifts. The solutions are tailored to the requirements and experience of the customer, optimize work of security officers and human resources department. The system supports programmable logic and possible integration with the payroll software, etc.

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Scenarios and Events

Capture any scenario, event, or happenings going around in your workplace.

HEZID is suporting an unique feature of recognising random scenarios. With combination of identification tolls and the exact places, being stored in a strict sequence in time, it provides extremely high levels of security and protection. HEZID decisions tables can performa wide range of pre-programmed actions: to unlock and lock the doors, to manage all actuators and devices, barriers, turnstiles, elevators, alarms or displays important info, etc

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Customized reports

Get access to a wide range of customized reports for effective employee management.

Scheduled Reports tailored to meet your requirements The system can be used in companies where the presence of various reports (daily, monthly, yearly) cross-sectional staff presence hours worked, absences, delays, overtime, missions, not respecting the opening hours and more, is strictly required. Reports on specific request can be developed. Possible integration to ERP and payroll software.

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Access Control

HEZID works with a centralized server and store all the information in a centralized SQL database/DBMS. HEZID system can be extend and upgrade with unlimited possibilities to scalability.

Centalized Management

Centralized management and control of unlimited number of sites and projects.

Multi-factor identification

Combinations of means of recognition and placesvwhere this recognition is done.


The biometric modules of HEZID offer a high level of security and identification.


It is an open system wich supports all standardized protocols.

HW and SW Modules


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HEZID Server

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